Turn your Google forms into Chatbots

Convert your boring forms into interactive conversations in Collect.chat with two clicks!
Humans ❤️ Conversations

Forms are passive by nature. For the customer it always feels like an extra effort to fill a form 😑

Whereas, the conversational interface of a chatbot is human-friendly 😊

This results in seamless data collection and happier customers 🤗

Why Chatbots are better?

Chatbots are the perfect upgrade for your forms
More Robust
Chatbots are highly customisable and richer in question types.
With Webhooks and Zapier data can be send to any third-party app.
High Conversion
Their proactive nature increases the conversion rate by at least 3x.
Modern UX
Interactive interfaces that engage customers never gets boring.

Say bye to forms 👋

What people say about us

Collect.chat has been super useful for us and we have certainly seen a growth in our subscriptions per month. With the contribution of this widget, we have even seen an average 30% increase.
Evi Katsoulieri
Marketer, GrowthRocks
Chatbot worked like magic, Increased Yatramantra's conversion to 3 times and significantly reduced the cost of agents, who used to ask the same questions to every customer.
Saran Kumar
CTO, Yatramantra