Your questions answered

Is the add-on free?

Yes, the add-on is completely free to use. The chatbot is created on our platform, under your Google account. has a free-forever plan and paid plans for premium features.

Is my data safe?

Yes. The data collected by the form or the chatbot will be saved to the Form responses in your Google account. will also save a copy of the data. You can choose to turn off the saving this data.

Can I keep the chatbot and form in sync?

The add-on converts the form to a chatbot and not vice-versa. When there are new changes in your Google form, you can always push them to the chatbot by using the Update questions option in the add-on.

What's up with File upload question?

In Google form, the file upload is a special question linked to your Google drive. When such a form is converted, this question will be modified to a short answer question. The converted bot will have the file upload question as expected.

Can I use the form along with chatbot?

Of course! The chatbot is your Google form in another skin and the user experience is completely different. Try using both and see which one your audience prefers.

Do you provide support for users?

Absolutely. We are curious to hear your feedback and learn more about your conversion stories. We respond to all inquires via email. Just for queries you may have.

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