How to Convert your Google Form to a Chatbot?

Here we give you an overview of the steps involved

Three things you need to do

Install the Add-on

You have to install the Form to Chatbot Add-on from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Run the Add-on

When you run the add-on, it will show an add-on menu. Just click on Create chatbot .

Grab the chatbot code

Depending on the selected chatbot format , you will get either the code or shareable link.

We support three chatbot formats

The Google Form questions can be used as a chatbot widget in your website. It can interact with your visitors and collect data in auto-pilot.
Chatbot Page
Similar to how you share your Google Form, you can share the chatbot using a unique link. This link can be used in email or SMS campaigns.
The same chatbot can be embedded inside a web page using Iframes. Use this to make your blogs & contact pages more interactive.

After you install the Add-onπŸ‘‡

Fire up "Form to chatbot"

Inside the Google Form editor, you will find the newly installed Form to Chatbot add-on under the Add-on menu in the top-right.

Select the add-on and just click on Create chatbot .

Within seconds, a sidebar will pop-up inside the editor.

Your sidebar menu

The sidebar will guide you through the chatbot creation process.

Select the chatbot format you wish to use.

Conversion may take sometime depending the number of questions.

After conversion, you will find options to further edit and update your chatbot.

Advanced Options dashboard

The chatbot you have created from the Google Form lives inside's dashboard.

More advanced options to change the design of the chatbot are available here.

You can choose to integrate with other apps you use in your workflow inside the dashboard.

Say bye to forms πŸ‘‹